Supporting Local Baseball

Sugar Hill Wellness has been a great supporter of my son’s baseball teams for many years.  We personally met Dr. Rob and Kim 7-8 years ago when my youngest son was still in elementary school and playing on a travel baseball team.  All 5 of our family members have been to see them at some point over those years.  When we started going to them, they immediately showed a true interest in my son’s baseball activities and became very active supporters both with sponsorships and with genuine interest in how he was doing, helping him (and us) stay healthy, and advice for him on taking care of himself.  They have also treated several of his teammates and their families during this time. My son is now a Sophomore at Lanier High School and he still has the support of Dr Rob and Kim.  As he grew, so did they and Chiropractic Worx became Sugar Hill Wellness Center.
~ Connie Doster