Physical therapy is essential for recovery and pain management. In addition, it can help you manage chronic or ongoing conditions. Because this therapy is done at Sugar Hill Wellness, you won’t have to make multiple appointments or travel to several locations. Team members will create a custom program of treatment to suit your needs.

High voltage galvanic

The full name of this effective treatment is high-voltage pulsed galvanic stimulation (HVPGS). It’s widely used for healing wounds, reducing edema and for pain relief. High-voltage impulse therapy uses a unique waveform with short pulse duration (in microseconds) but with a therapeutic voltage greater than 100 volts.
The combination of short pulse and high-peak current with low total-current per second provides relatively comfortable stimulation. In addition, this combination is an efficient means of exciting sensory, motor and pain-conducting nerve fibers to help heal damaged nerve tissue. It also aids the re-education of nerve damaged tissue and muscle. This may be the right therapy for you if you’ve suffered nerve damage, neuropathies etc.


Using acoustic energy at high frequency, ultrasound can produce therapeutic effects. The continuous wave produces thermal effects on damaged and inflamed tissue, increasing blood flow, reducing stiffness and spasm, increasing tendon and joint flexibility, and decreasing pain. Non-thermal effects include tissue regeneration, collagen synthesis, increased blood flow and the reduction of fluid which causes swelling (edema). Depending on your injury and the healing stage, we will provide a combination of therapies.

Manual therapy (massage)

At Sugar Hill Wellness, we combine trigger point therapy and massage as part of the treatment to increase healing, decrease pain more quickly, and give more freedom from stiff and sore muscles. Trigger point therapy applies pressure to muscle tissue and damaged tissue to release tightness and toxins that build up in injured and tight muscles.
It also restores the natural state of the muscle, for optimal health benefits. Trigger point therapy re-educates the muscles to become pain free.

Wobble chair

The Wobble Chair, also called the Therapeutic Chair, provides 360 degrees of rotation, as well as 40 degrees side to side, and 35 degrees front to back. This unique therapy uses a universal-type joint to provide all possible combinations of exercise motion. It can be effective for lumbar disc mobility, re-hydration, nutrition delivery and waste elimination. Properly used, this therapy can help heal damaged discs, degenerative discs, chronically tight muscles, as well as accelerating the healing process.

Repetitive neck traction

We also use repetitive cervical traction to re-establish necessary motion in the cervical and lumbar spine, by loading and unloading the spine or neck. This traction is designed for patients in the rehabilitative phase of care. With correct use in the office and at home, on a daily basis, regeneration o discs can occur, along with increased range of motion. This can lead to correction of posture distortions.

Spinal Traction

At Sugar Hill Wellness we believe spinal traction can be a great alternative to surgery. Traction gently stretches the spine to relieve pressure on the nerves and on the discs (tissue between the bones). This is an excellent choice for treating pinched nerves, bulging discs, herniations, sciatica and joint pain. It may also be used to lengthen ligaments that have shortened, causing loss of normal spine shape.

Foam rolling

Self-myofascial release, or foam rolling, has been used for years, especially by professional athletes. It’s now available as a simple technique that gives you the tools to care for your muscles at home or in the gym. It’s great for pressing toxins out of tight muscles, and for lengthening shortened muscles to relieve painful pressure on joints.

Spinal Molding

Your back and neck get a lot of stress during the day, and muscles around the spine become fatigued from everyday activity such as working on the computer, talking on the phone, watching TV or just blow-drying your hair. This can cause pain when the fatigued muscles spasm or splint. Spinal molding is a home therapy using a specially designed neck and low-back orthotic to correctly position the spine, release tension and ease pain.